Author Empress Colleen

Trinidadian Born Boston Raised, Colleen Williams always had a passion for writing poetry and short stories.
Her book Blinded By love was written out of the painful experiences she had to endure. Being a victim, then a survivor advocating for women, and then she found herself being a victim again. Coming from a rough past, it was hard to trust and forgive again, after years of abuse. 
It is her heartfelt wish to educate individuals of all ages that domestic violence can happen to anyone.In the end we can all learn to forgive and heal, moving forward.
Colleen has done numerous interviews podcast, and has been featured in a few magazines sharing her testimony about how she went from Bitter and Broken to Beautiful and Blessed.
She has inspired so many women to know their worth and how to walk away from abusive relationships. 
She continues fighting for women in domestic violence situations. She has traveled to prisons and battered women’s shelter speaking to men and women letting them know if she can make it out so can they.

Synopsis for Blinded by Love: 

This book is a call to action to help victims and individuals of domestic violence recognize red flags, generational curses and cycles.
Like Ebonee so many of us are blinded by love we jump into repeated relationships without healing. Her behavior was learned through watching her mother go through abuse.  She in turn felt it was okay and tolerated abuse. Although her daughter didn’t see it with her own eyes she had the mindset that it was okay to stay. And it cost her and her babies life. When she found the courage to get out after tolerating it for so long it cost her, her life.
Domestic violence does not discriminate please seek help if you know someone dealing with it or if you are in it….

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