The Invisible Reader – Liselle Powder

This is my spot, the coolness of the atmosphere. I love it, it makes me happy. But there is something wrong, something missing, ME. My pieces are not together, my body fell apart and this is what happened. I am invisible. The only thing that can help my soul to survive is this book that I read.

This book gives me hope, is the only thing that interacts with me. I prefer to be invisible because my scars of cuts and bruises are visible, no one should see this. My pains are too much, it’s not the life that I wanted. I am unhappy.

But I present myself like a lady, sitting on this bench alone, scarred and fragile, but trying to make an impression and hide my sadness. This book shows pictures of me, my life, of who I am. This is what I craved for. This is not the end of my journey because my book is written.

The scars that defined me and ruled me for years will be no more, the tears of broken dreams and promises, the disappointments, the shame and the guilt, will be behind now.

I sat here many times and thinking I would be healed, but this is the time and the moment. It’s now or never, the mood must be right. This book will transform me, it will give me strength, it will give me my life back, victory is MINE!!! and I am on the road to recovery.

No more hiding in the dark shadows, because they mimicked me,

the shadows laughed at me and danced a foolish dance that resembled the joker. I could hear his laughter, tormenting my inside. but no more. NO MORE!!! It’s all behind. It’s all behind me now. Let’s see who gets the last laugh JOKER!!!

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