Author Natasha Hughes-Smith

Natasha has worked in the education and human services fields all of her career and had an interest in the arts. She has loved the art of storytelling and writing since childhood, but only recently tapped into that love and gift professionally.. A dream she had inspired her first novel, Reflections,; she loved the concept so much that she decided it had to be put on paper. As she was finishing the story, she realized she didn’t want to leave the family. So, she started thinking of what past actions could have affected the lives of the characters. That’s when the prequel, Wealth of Lies, was birthed. As a student of Sociology and Psychology, she incorporates those concepts in her storytelling to create realistic characters at a crossroads that requires them to make choices. Sometimes those choices are grey areas and some completely cross the line. Her stories look at the choices and decisions people will make to get what they want. 

What price is too great to pay for the one you love? Is it worth losing your identity to be who they want or need you to be? Vincent, a billionaire playboy, Jeff Woods, a struggling attorney and Vivian Johnston, a corporate executive, face this very question. All that they know will change in an instant. When the paths of Vincent and Jeff cross, it’s a battle for Vivian’s love. It’s a story of intensity, money, power, sex, drugs, love, betrayal and revelation with the Motor City as the backdrop; it adds flare to this non-traditional love triangle in this suspenseful romantic thriller. 

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