Author Spotlight – Raykel Tolson

Dr. Raykel Tolson writes inspirational fiction, nonfiction, and children’s picture books. She is also a Money Mindset Coach, contributing writer for Living Day by Day Magazine, and podcast host of Blessed, on WYTV7, where she enlightens & encourages her audience while reminding them that being blessed is a mindset.

I write in a few different genres, but I love writing inspirational romances. I believe that God does not want us to be alone, so I am drawn to write inspirational romances to keep the hope of love alive for myself and women (and men) like me. I have written three romances so far, but I have so many more stories to share.

My purpose in life and my writing is to enlighten, encourage and entertain. I enlighten by sharing the love of God and that God desires for us to have, be, and do good.

I am influenced by real people who find a way to live, laugh, and love in spite of negative situations, unexpected problems, and bad decisions. I am a people watcher and listener. I warn people that they may see themselves in one of my books.

My favorite marketing technique is to attend book festivals and other marketplaces where I can meet the people who are buying my books. I also get me and my book in front of readers through social media and with book reviewers like yourself.

My life is an open book. I share so much of my life through my books. I would like for the readers to know that although I wrote my first book at the age of ten, I am a newbie. I need feedback to let me know if my stories are interesting.

Right now, I am reading the 12 Week Year, to help me with time management which is important for authors.

3 fun facts about Raykel
I was a Girl Scout up until my Senior year in high school.
I worked as an equipment manager for the football team while in college, which allowed me to get 2 meats during dinner in the school cafeteria.
My son works for Delta Airlines, so I get to travel for free. This allows me to visit book clubs around the country.

Dr. Raykel Tolson is an author who writes inspirational fiction, nonfiction, and children’s picture books. She is also a Money Mindset Coach helping to empower and protect families and entrepreneurs. Raykel is a contributing writer for the Living Day by Day Magazine and Host of the podcast, Blessed, on WYTV7 Christian Broadcasters Network, where she enlightens, encourages, and entertains her audience while reminding them that being blessed is a mindset. Most importantly, Raykel is a New Thought Christian tackling the limiting religious beliefs that many Christians hold onto tightly. Beliefs that cause them to feel unloved, unworthy and that offers them no peace. Dr. Tolson stresses that we need to think about what we think about because what we think about, we bring about.

Dr. Raykel Tolson has a Juris Doctorate from Florida State College of Law, a Master’s degree in Counseling from Capella University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from Florida A & M University. She was born and raised in University City, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, but currently resides in Los Angeles.

Why Are Church Folk Poor forces the reader to examine their relationship with money.
I Am Blessed Journal is perfect for those new to journaling.

I Need A Christmas Angel is a heartwarming and funny holiday romance.
Undefiled is a thought-provoking romance that seamlessly weaves themes of forgiveness, acceptance, love, and intimacy.

Renz Bedtime Prayer and Renz Affirmations are children’s picture books Raykel wrote with her son, Larenz, to help build resilient children.

Contact Info

I empower families by helping them protect and grow their money, and with affordable access to attorneys.

I write books to make you think about what you think about

If you need some encouragement to make a daily decision to be blessed, then watch my Blessed podcast https://bit.ly/BlessedPodcast or listen https://ihr.fm/32mtzTG.

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