Secret Places Revealed – Paulette Harper Book Review

Secret Places Revealed – Paulette Harper

5 stars

A Book of Substance.


Simone and Aaron have been hurt in the past and don’t know how to cope with a new relationship. They are not looking to get into a new relationship. These characters are real, and I could relate to them easily. Aaron dealt with a girlfriend/employee that was an epic fail. Simone’s last boyfriend/fiancé passed away. Simone moves to a new city and gets a job with Aaron being her boss and both are attractive to each other. This is a road either wants to travel down. There were twists and turns that I love that kept the story interesting. The character development made the story captivating. Each character brought the story alive and they connected. This story had issues about faith, trust, overcoming adversity, hurt, tragedy, and deception. I like how God and scriptures were incorporated into the story. I love how the characters had faith in God and dealt with internal conflicts. I recommend this book.


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