He Changed My Name – Unoma Nwankwor Book Review

He Changed My Name – Unoma Nwankwor



Yanni went to jail for destroying the home of her ex fiance Matt (who was truly a dog). She was sentenced to community service.

Mensah is the pastor of a church. He had been truly hurt in his past relationship that he wasn’t married and no children. He wants a wife badly and has prayed for one.

This story shows how communication and a relationship with God goes a long way. The story starts off slowly but gradually pics up and you will be blessed by the end. This story showed redemption, love, trust, and forgiveness. The characters go through many obstacles that are realistic and the readers can relate to. By the end of the story, you will know why the author title the book He Changed My Name. I do recommend this book with a 5-star rating.

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