A Piece of Pie (Sweet and Spicy Book 1) – Michelle Lindo Rice Book Review

A Piece of Pie (Sweet and Spicy Book 1) – Michelle Lindo Rice


This woman Ms. Lindo Rice never ceases to amaze me. She did it again. 5 stars…………….


Pumpkin is a mega supermodel who is married to Cameron who has a secret that will rock their marriage and community. Evie is Pumpkin’s mother that finds her way back home. Grandma B is the praying Grandmother that holds the family together. Mitchell is the chauffeur and bodyguard to Pumpkin is the lifesaver!


The story is well developed and detailed. The characters are realistic, and everyone can relate to them. I love the flashbacks to keep the story juice and edgy. This is a story that was spicy and edgy for the author, but I loved it. Waiting for book two and three right now.


While reading this book I had a roller coaster of emotions – I laughed, yelled, got mad, and jumped for joy. It was a few surprises throughout the book bit I held on for the ride and loved it.


Thanks, Ms. Lindo Rice for another great book. Kudos, 5 stars.

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