Book Spotlight – Gadsen’s Goal – Danyelle Scroggins

Release Date: October 13, 2022

The idea for Gadsen’s Goal, came about how all the other books do. Me, in a zone, praying and asking God for my next series. I pray a lot, and it’s often about where to go next, what town or what city I will highlight in Louisiana. The Holy Spirit will drop nuggets in my heart every time.

My favorite line is: “No, you were insinuating, and who I sleep with is no one’s business but mine. But now I’m waiting.” And Patricia knows what I mean.

This is my favorite because we live in a world where everyone feels like their sexual preferences matters to everyone. I frankly don’t give a care what you do behind closed doors or who you do it with. Isn’t that the reason we have sex in bedrooms? For privacy?  Well, I believe it is a private matter for you, the one you are with, and your God. If you can handle the consequences of whatever, do whatever.

I pray that the readers take away, “You love who you love.” Sometimes, they are older. Sometimes younger. Sometimes not everyone’s choice for you. Sometimes, not even the choice you would have chosen for yourself. Yet, when you love, you look beyond all of this and go with what feels or seems best for you. Just love.

I own Divinely Sown Publishing LLC (DS Publishing), and have for over nineteen years self-published. I’ve built a catalog that I am proud of, but gladly give all of the glory back to God. This has been one of my greatest literary accomplishments…being able to say, “I own my books.”

I do have other books in the works and have began a new series entitled, Logansport River.

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