Book Spotlight – The Swing – Dr. AudreyAnn Moses

Genre: Christian Romance – Drama

Book Linkhttps://amzn.to/3RiubRB

Pages: 86


This is the story of love and hate; of keeping up appearances; of unequally yoked and the unconditional love of a child. “The Swing” is the story of two families with opposing ideas of what it meant to live a “privileged life.” While you enjoy the Wilkerson’s and the Chamberlain’s, take time to identify behaviors that may hinder you from being a godly person.

How did you get the idea for your novel The Swing?

 In 1997 I took a creative writing class. The initial manuscript to this and two other novels were homework assignments. While traveling I saw a burned tree, with a chain hanging from one of the limbs,  in the middle of an empty field. The idea came to write a book telling the story of how that tree burned.

What is your favorite line from your book?

“She would say they were about as suited for each other as bleach and ammonia … suck the oxygen right out of the air.”

Which of your characters do you believe are most like you and why question?

Marissa and Jason because, like them, I always tried to find the good in everyone, no matter how evil they were.”

What message do you hope readers will take away from your book?

That love really does concur with hate. Also, that mental illness is real, and covering it up hurts the person battling the illness and those around them. It is devastating for everyone.

How did you get published?

Self-Published via Amazon and Kindle Publishers with the help of Kelly Publishers

What have been your greatest literary accomplishments?

Getting published and readers anxious to know what I am writing next. That is my greatest joy, knowing that people really want to read my words.

Do you have any new books in the works?

My newest novel, State of Affairs, will be published in time for Christmas.

Is there anything else you would like the readers to know?

Book 2 to The Swing will be published in 2023.

Author Website https://transitionlifecoach4u.com/order-books

Social Media Names: https://linktr.ee/neversaycaint

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