Book Spotlight – Need – Danyelle Scroggins

The five words that describe Need: Pain, Death, Love, Forgiving, & Wisdom.

Erica has run from life and the man she’s loved all of her life, but the death of her Mother Mary Moham, brings her back to Keatchie, Louisiana. If you can get through the pain of losing one of my greatest characters in this series, you’ll see the power of love.

The purpose of Need is to show how we run from the very things or people we should run to when we are going through things. Life, presents many challenges, but the best part of it is knowing who’s in your corner when you have to face these things.

The character that was the most fun to write was Dominique. He’s such a gentleman, even though he caught between an opportunity and a decision. The hardest part was the funeral of Mary. I felt like I was attending my grandmother’s funeral all over again.

My most loyal fans may not know, I’m a complete Momma’s girl. There’s nothing I won’t do for my mother. Why? Because now that I’m grown, I truly realize how much she sacrificed for my siblings and me. She’s my favorite girl in the world.

Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BBKXQVLZ

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