Book of the Day – Life & Love – Ivory Keys

I’ve been going to his establishment for over a year. 

Flirting, winking, blowing kisses and he stills acts as if I don’t exist.

Then, Saturday night happened…

I was locked in his embrace.

I discovered that there was no place on earth I would rather be than in his arms. 

However, he asks me a question.

I didn’t answer as he felt I should, so he broke my heart. 

He’s left me nursing broken pieces with lingering memories of our heated night.

Meanwhile, my best friend is moving on with her life and a new love.

And I realize one thing for sure…

Life is hard all by itself, and when you add love to the equation, it can very well become a problem.

But I heard, all is fair in Life & Love.

Love In The Key of B is a collection of steamy urban romances that will take you from the club to the church, as modern women search for themselves and find happiness through life and love.

Macy Michelle Jones, with her friend Josephine by her side, sets out on an adventure that starts at a local club called, The Sugar Shack and ends with real-life situations, and a pursuit of love with a man known in the streets as, Scoop.

Anything is bound to happen in the pursuit of Love.

Audio Book: https://www.audible.com/pd/B0B8TKG2HQ

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