Book of the Day – With Every Step – Natasha Frazier

With Every Step –  (McCall Family Series Book 2)

Born and groomed to be CEO, Darius is ready to run the family business, except Jeffrey McCall has reserved that position for the oldest son.

Darius McCall’s CEO ambitions have driven his choices since junior high school. He’s worked alongside his father, preparing for the position most of his life.

When Jeffrey McCall names Andrew, Darius’ older brother, as McCall Resorts’ new CEO instead of him, Darius becomes furious. He’s determined to prove that CEO is his rightful place – and spearheading the construction of their new Houston resort is just the way to do that – except Kennedy Slaughter may be a bigger distraction than he expected.

Kennedy Slaughter becomes Slaughter Construction Inc.’s President after the sudden death of her twin brother. She now bears the weight of the company’s success on her shoulders. When McCall Resorts hires her company to build their Houston facility, she works to make her brother proud and fights against anything that will hinder the project’s success – including the undeniable attraction between her and Darius McCall.

What will it take for Darius and Kennedy to secure the success they desire and balance the growing emotional bond between them?


When she shook the last McCall’s hand, an indescribable warmth snaked up her arm.

Almost familiar.

Almost like their hands were made to be held by each other.

Something told her the feeling was mutual because, for a millisecond, he paused the shake and hiked one eyebrow, like she could give him answers about what had just transpired between them. The right corner of his lip tilted upward, and something she couldn’t identify slithered through her.


Kennedy Slaughter was off limits for romantic pursuits.

Completely off limits.

All he needed from Kennedy was to ensure this project ran smoothly and not cause him any trouble that would have his father question whether he could play nice and keep a level head. No matter what, everything depended on how things went with Kennedy and SCI, so he wouldn’t mess it up. His piqued curiosity didn’t scream louder than his long-term goal of becoming CEO.

Nothing could get in his way when he was so close he could smell it, taste it, and feel it.

Not even the beauty and grace wrapped up in Kennedy Slaughter.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09M62TLDS

Author website: http://www.natashafrazier.com


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