Book Spotlight – Time Will Tell – Trevy McDonald

What has time told you about the power of friendship?

Thomasine, Rachel, and Hope share laughs and heartaches, hopes and dreams over the years, but only Time Will Tell if their friendship can survive the drama.

Accountant Hope Jones-McCoy goes through life masquerading self-righteousness for saintliness until the world she spent ten years building comes crashing down around her at once. Although she has a sunny disposition, Rachel Curtis-Brown faces dark days as her estranged husband and his chemical dependency leave her to raise two young sons alone. Thomasine Mintor, anthropology and women’s studies professor at the prestigious Steeplechase University, is a preacher’s daughter who’s into everything and everybody but herself until she has a spiritual awakening and makes a major life change.

Time Will Tell is a story of tragedy and triumph, and the test of true friendship. You’ll find yourself laughing, crying, reflecting on your own hopes and dreams, and even reconnecting with an old friend.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3HVyuxk

How do you get the idea for your novel Time Will Tell?

My ten-year high school reunion was approaching, and while I had close friends in high school, we had not kept in contact over the years. I wondered what might our lives have been like if we had. That’s when the fictional characters, Thomasine, Rachel, and Hope were born.

What is your favorite line from your book?

My favorite line in Time Will Tell comes from a minor character, Rev. Anna Grace. “Don’t you realize He (God) just delivered a potential problem out of your midst?”

Which of your characters do you believe are most like you and why question?

There’s a little bit of me in each of the main characters. Thomasine’s educational and career path is most like mine. Rachel has a sunny personality, so her personality resembles mine. Hope is obsessed with food as I was when I wrote the novel. I was in my 20s and teaching at North Carolina Central University at the time. I spent the summers with my parents in Chicago and my Mom said all day long I made repeated trips from the kitchen to my bedroom. Each time I left the kitchen I had a bowl full of something.

What message do you hope readers will take away from your book?

I think Time Will Tell is a story of redemption. That despite what choices you make in life or what challenges you face, you can make it through and succeed. It is also a story about the transformative power of true friendship.

How did you get published?

I started Reyomi Publishing in 1999 and printed 2,000 copies of Time Will Tell

What have been your greatest literary accomplishments?

Being cited in Wiktionary as Time Will Tell is the first published record of the word hypoChristian–a noun defined as slang, for a Christian who behaves contrary to Christian tenets or values.

Received an Outstanding Book Award from the National Association of Black Journalists in 2019 for Round ‘Bout Midnight (the sequel to Time Will Tell)

In 2003, I was invited to introduce Toni Morrison at her book signing for her novel Love at the Borders Bookstore in the Beverly community of Chicago. At the time, this store was #1 in the Borders chain for African American book sales and readers came from as far away as Oklahoma to attend this signing.

Do you have any new books in the works?

I have a few projects marinating. Stay tuned.

Native Chicagoan Trevy A. McDonald is the first Black woman to be tenured in the School of Journalism and Media at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is also the owner of Reyomi Publishing and the author of the novels Time Will Tell and Round ‘Bout Midnight.

Author Website http://www.drtrevy.com

Social Media Names DrTrevy (Facebook, Twitter, IG)

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