A Reason to Sing – Michelle Lindo Rice Book Review

A Reason to Sing –  Michelle Lindo Rice



A Reason to Sing by Michelle Lindo Rice is her 14th book and I loved it. This book is centered by her 4 F’s – faith, friendship, family, and forgiveness. This story is about Megan Higgins who lost her husband Jackson from suicide or murder? She has a son named Cooper who she loves dearly. Ryan Oakes meets her and wants to marry her the first time he meets her. Ryan has his priorities in the wrong order. Money can’t buy love or your daughter’s acceptance. Brian Oakes is a man of God. He’s a praying man who finds out about his own existence. Merle Peterson is the devil in sheep’s clothing. She is a fake and manipulator. She’s playing with God and testing his patience.

This story was full of mystery, joy, pain, faith, love, and abandonment. The characters are realistic, and I can relate to all the characters. The characters were vindictive, prayer warriors, and cray cray. I like how Ms. Lindo Rice incorporated Bible verses and spiritual experiences.

There are several lessons I did learn in this story. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. You can’t fight your own battles let the Lord handle it. God brings people and situations in your life to bring you to him. And I love the statement – “Love isn’t earned or deserved. It’s given.”

I gave this book 5 stars.


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