Book Spotlight of the Day – All The Preacher’s Wives Anthology

There has never been a book that presented an opportunity for the wives of pastors to share stories within the company of a sisterhood.

All The Preacher’s Wives, hosted by former model-turned-successful Dallas real estate investor Tonisha Fanchon, is written to provide a peek behind the curtain of being a pastor’s wife. It acts as a guide to women who may be considering marrying a pastor, and for couples who are looking to get into ministry.

These twenty women are currently or were previously married to men in ministry, and share their stories about marriage, raising kids while in the ministry: as well as the challenges within the church congregation, navigating money issues, and more.

Go to https://allthepreacherswives.com and use Promo Code: Team Velma for $5 off. Available for a short time.
Link to purchase: https://allthepreacherswives.com

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