Recommendation of the Week – DREAM – Danyelle Scroggins

She wants more.

I want her.

But she’s fighting against us because she doesn’t realize that sometimes you have to lose before you win.

My mind has never been settled on one woman, but if that is what I need to change my course, I need one who’s willing to go the distance to help me make things happen.

She is just what I need, but doesn’t think I’m the one because I remind her of a guy who hurt her the most.

Little does she know, I’m a real man and I might be a little street, but I’ve been through some things that qualify me to love her as a real man should.

I’m willing to do whatever I need to do. Even if it means going to church and sitting in her seat, Sunday after Sunday.

But somehow.

Someway. I’ll make her say, “I’m her DREAM come true.”


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