Book Showcase – Love Has Many Faces – Denise Turney

Love Has Many Faces


Discover this page turning murder mystery, rich with romance, love, suspense, celebrity and a haunting family secret. Of the top mystery novels set in New York City, Love Has Many Faces is loaded with suspense, action and intrigue, making it an attention grabbing show stopper. Love Has Many Faces showcases an unhindered culture – fueled with the greed of a relentless bully father and a real anti-hero hit-man.

This thriller murder mystery takes you deep inside the world of celebrity. When an iron-willed actress finds herself left out of A list movie roles and buried in debt, she places an ad for a roommate in New York City’s The Daily Times. An unsuspecting student attending New York University responds. With just one phone call, the future for both women changes forever, just-like-that. There is no turning back!

Find out if these women can push beyond their differences and form a friendship alliance that solves a decades old murder mystery. It won’t be easy. Their social and cultural backgrounds are worlds apart. Even more and despite their efforts to put on a good, social and career front, their family pasts hold perilous, dark secrets. Just as the actress fights to get back on her feet, a shadowy character appears. Buy your copy of Love Has Many Faces today and unlock this book’s haunting secret!Amazon: https://amzn.to/3EZoGQX

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