Author Spotlight – Tony Lindsay

Tony Lindsay is the author of ten novels; One Dead Preacher, Street Possession, Chasin’ It, Urban Affair, One Dead Lawyer, More Boy than Girl, One Dead Doctor, The Killing Breeze, Chess Not Checker, Melody Knight a Vampire’s Tale – and five short story collections titled Pieces of the Hole – Fat from Papa’s Head – Emotional Drippings stories of Love, Lust, and Addiction – Almost Grown – and Acorns in a Skillet stories of Racecraft in America.

-What is your genre? What draws you to this genre?

Mystery, Street Lit, YA, Short Story, Thriller

-What is your purpose?

To express my opinion on events, topics and situations.

-Who has influenced your life as an author?

Gwendolyn Brooks, Chester Himes, Donald Goines, Toni Morrison, and Walter Mosley

-What is your favorite marketing technique? How do you get your book in front of readers?

Going to book events.

-What is something you want readers to know about you?

That I write thinking about them.

-What are you reading right now?

Miss Muriel by Ann Petry

-3 Fun facts about yourself

Seeing any of my family makes me smile.

I watch all the Star Treks.

I like reading books I read when I was younger and laughing out how different my opinion is concerning the book’s message/theme.


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