Author Spotlight with Sandra Callier


How long have you been writing?

I have been recording and journaling for over 20 years. I am what is called a prophetic scribe. It means I really heavily on my faith for my creativity. 

What motivated you to start writing?

Journaling has been cathartic over the years. Writing began a journey of healing and self-discovery. 

What is your preferred genre?

I enjoy Christian fiction and non-fiction.

How many books do you have published?

I have 3 published works 

What are you currently working on?

Looking to work on an audio project and another volume to the chronicles. I have aspirations to do a children’s project and may a romance novel. 

Where can readers find your books?

On all digital platforms, traditional outlets available March 16. 

Which authors inspire you to write?

Bishop TD Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Max Lucado,   

What are your future works in progress?

Working with friends in India to translate my ministerial training manual Telugu language.

What inspired you to become an author?

I want to impact future generations with my writing to challenge their ability to record for legacy or posterity’s sake. Also, I read an article I was convinced was written by, let’s just say someone likely, substantially my junior. I was appalled at what I read because it was presumptive and untrue. The whole writing piece interpretation was far off the discourse of the subject matter and I thought, is this what this generation is reading and ascribing to as a voice of authority? I thought better of it and figured I may as well make my contribution for positive change and story telling. 

Who has the greatest influence on your writing style?

I believe my faith has the greatest influence.

  What is your greatest challenge as an author?

Remaining consistent in writing. Scheduling time to sharpen the craft. 

Tell us something that people may not know about you that they might find interesting. Is there anything you would like for readers to know?

I fell in love with typing in 7th grade. I have only loved Jesus and typing; it is my 2 most favorite things in the world. Typing/writing is a passion I have, it is calming and the best avenue of expression that does not require any physicality of the body, only the mind/heart.

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