This month I am doing a writing prompt called Single Life. Readers and authors look at this picture and write a short story or poem about the picture. I hope you enjoy.

*Disclaimer – This is not my picture or the writer.

Another ‘Self-Care Friday Night’?
She can get herself right

Ponytail? Still fleek
Spirit? Not meek

Vino? It is flowing
Candles…beautifully glowing

Bath bubbles… skin kissing
Melanin… glistening!

Rose petals… so sweet
Makeup? Still beat!

And her face tells the story
The book in her hand a much-discussed category
“Single Life” it is titled
A ring on her finger but her husband’s entangled!

She is reading for pointers
The next one will want it
…she IS double jointed!

-Latrece Johnson, Author of Science Series

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