A park is a great place to read. You can sit on a bench, lie on the grass, or  on the swings?! What about at the beach?

My dining room window when I lived in my house. Every Sunday morning I would open all the blinds and sit at my dining room table.  This was my sanctuary with gospel music playing softly in the background. I can sit for hours on end, just me and my quiet place. This place gave me peace and stillness when I sat at this window and read. Now that I live in an apartment, I sit down at my desk in my room with the window behind me. This is the only comfortable place in my apartment. I wish I still had quiet and stillness again. Maybe one day, but like I said I’m comfortable in the comfort of my own bedroom. 


Finally, there’s no better place like your home! At home you have a variety of reading choices – lie in bed, curled up on the sofa, even lie on the floor if that’s your thing. You’ve got your bookshelf right there in case you finish a book and want to go straight on to a new one. Where do you like to read? Let me know in the comments!

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