Double Proposal – Barbara Joe Williams Book Review

Double Proposal – Barbara Joe Williams

double proposal

This story is about a woman and a man in a relationship until she gets pregnant.  He drops a bomb and she pack up and moves away.  She meets her Prince.  But she is not ready for the turn of events.  She finds herself between a rock and a hard place.  Will she find the hard place or where she really belongs?

Monique Kennedy is a full figured, confident, strong single mom.  She goes on a journey through some highs and lows of a relationship.  Jamal was a wimp who couldn’t hold his own. He was very disappointing but that was just the reality. Prince Conyers, a good man with a heart of gold and God. Chloe was Monique’s and Jamal’s child who was sweet, adorable, well mannered, and respectful.  She was loved and admired by all.

I loved how Monique and Prince bonded together.  They meshed and jellied together with Chloe like a family unit.  I love the way the author let the growth of Monique show throughout the story.  Prince’s commitment and pure love for both Chloe and Monique was realistic and could be seen.

I love the writing style that the author was using.  She was consistent in the story, setting, and characters throughout the book. I could relate to Monique very well because I am her in a lot of ways.  The story line was on point, went smoothly, and transitioned well. It had twist and turns I didn’t see coming and surprised me. The character development, dialogue, and personalities of the characters made you believe that you knew these characters were someone you knew in real life. I am glad that the author made a character like Monique and Prince who was transparent and compassionate.  The themes in the story were abandonment, insecurities, hurts, being celibate, Christian values, trust, love, and communication.

This story had me on an emotional roller coaster.  One minute I was happy, then next mad, sad, and then angry, and sometimes I wanted to scream.  It kept me on my toes.  I love stories like that.

I really enjoyed this story and can’t wait to read more by this author. Barbara is a great storyteller. I recommend you read this five-star story to all readers. You will not be disappointed.


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