The Roux in the Gumbo Kim Robinson Book Review

The Roux in the Gumbo – Kim Robinson


This historical novel is about a family journey to self-discovery.  The life changing experiences in this story had me on an emotional roller coaster.  This three-generation documentary of the authors life in a fictional novel.  The author was very attentive when listening to the stories of her elders.

This book has me hungry for history.  I thought I was going to get bread and water, but the author feed me meat and potatoes.  Now I am full and satisfied.

This story has me all over the place with my feelings but at the same time I am learning a history moment. Thanks for the history lessons throughout your family journey.

The events in the story were well organized and through.  The title Roux in the Gumbo meaning the glue that holds everything together.  The characters stood together no matter what to help the family stay intact.  That’s what I got from the title and the main idea of this story.  The roux in the gumbo holds all the ingredients together to give this dish a tasty treat.  Yummy!

The characters were well described. Memorable, and animated.  Each family member had a piece in the gumbo. The characters had determination, obstacles, trails and tribulation of an African American family in Louisiana from the 1850s to 1997.  The characters were well seasoned, vivid, and rich in dialogue and experiences.

The setting was well developed that I think I was in the scenes with the characters from Louisiana to California. I enjoyed the scenic route of this story.

The love, laughter, joy, pain, and perseverance in the story line was great. The action, drama, and suspense kept me on my toes and turning pages throughout the night.  The message I took from this story is never give up.

I recommend this book and give it four stars.

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