Queenie Clem is a powerful influencer in the literary community. I have personally worked with her in her duties as my company’s, Path to Publishing, Certified Beta Reader and Book Reviewer. Her commitment to authors, readers, and the literary community reflects her love for the written word.

Joylynn M. Ross, CEO & Founder of Path to Publishing



I’ve known Ms. Queenie Clem to be of excellent character in the literary world. I follow her group page as well as her YouTube channel. She supports authors and helps them promote their works. I know several aspiring authors have asked her to edit and proofread their manuscripts. She has provided them with valuable feedback and encouragement to keep writing and improving.

Barbara Joe Williams,

Amani Publishing, LLC


I am writing to recommend Queenie Clem, beta reader,  literary blogger , book reviewer,  and an avid reader. I have known her for 3 years and it is such a pleasure to talk with her. Queenie has host many literary events  for authors  on Facebook and Zoom,  interviews and book reviews on her YouTube channel as well as written book reviews on Barnes and Noble, WordPress, Amazon, and Goodreads. She has countless innovative ideas while also keeping the readers  and authors engaging with one another in her reading groups.  I highly recommend  Queenie.  Her work is Impeccable!

Ellen Ann Smith Sudderth

CEO ESP Presents