Queenie’s Book Review- Cute for a Black Girl – Amy Watkins

Synopsis – Though her beginnings were rough, Chloe is a beautiful, smart and talented girl with a promising future. She was adopted by Mr. Wilcox, a wealthy lawyer who is supportive of Chloe’s dreams and she is surrounded by loving family and friends. So how does this bright young girl end up unconscious in the ER? Foul play is suspected and a group of unlikely associates are unifying in an attempt to discover the truth.

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Queenie’s Book Review

Chloe is a beautiful African American girl that gets adopted by William, a Caucasian male. The love they shared comes out of the pages of this book. I really enjoyed this book. It was a fast-paced read. I fell in love with the cover and was intrigued by the title. This story is about racism, drug use, domestic violence, LGBTQ, and rape. The message in the story was on point and I got it. The book had me in my feelings where one minute I was laughing and the next minute I was crying. I recommend it to all avid readers. I can’t wait to read more by this author. I give it five stars.

Picture Prompts with Authors

I have nothing left but my knowledge and memories to share with the coming generations in my family. You don’t get to this ripe old age without learning some things along the way that as a matriarch of the family I am beholden to share because if you don’t know what you come from, you don’t know where you are going!

_Kim Robinson-Author

Escambia County was quiet now that the little heifer had taken my money and left town. I’m gonna write her a letter and tell her  ‘bout herself. She ain’t had no business lookin’ in my pie safe for stuff that don’t belong to her. The good Lord almighty himself is gonna take her down a peg or two. I just hope I lives to see it be.

-Roe Braddy, Author

Ashley sat in her dimly lit room considering what she should do next.  Her day had not been the best, and she wished she could forget it all.  She could not keep her mind from racing. Then she remembered the book she started last week.  Pushing to sit up, she reached her arm out to her nightstand.  She read until a strange light began to shine from the pages and her mind began to ease.

-Tonya Woods, Author

Queenie’s Book Review – Bricktown Boys – Pete Fanning

Synopsis – It’s 1987 and twelve-year-old Sam Beasley only wants two things: to play football and for his mother to stop dating losers. Only there’s no money for a football team in Bricktown, while there’s an endless supply of losers for his mother to bring home.

Sam finds a friend in the elderly widow down the street. While he’s careful not to let on about his crummy home life, Mrs. Coleman always seems to know when he needs to do wash or eat a hot meal. When he mentions his football dilemma, she surprises him by offering to fund the team. It’s a dream come true, until she names the team The Gospel, declares herself head coach, and arms herself with a whistle, Bible scriptures, and a mouthful of grammar lessons. But Sam has bigger worries, like his mom’s latest loser, Troy, easily the worse one yet. As Sam’s home life spirals out of control, the boys of Bricktown become more than a football team, and football becomes more than just about winning.

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Queenie’s Review – This story is about a 12-year-old boy named Sam, a widow named Mrs. Coleman, and a community called Bricktown. The year is 1987 and Sam only wanted to play football and his mother to stop dating losers. The themes of this book are friendship, racism, poverty, and domestic violence. Sam lives in a poor and mostly African-American neighborhood but quickly learns there’s a community of love. This page turner was heartfelt and funny. It would take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. I really enjoyed the story overall. Some of the scenes and characters were familiar and real. The story means family. I recommend this book to young adults as well as adults. I give this book five stars.

Blog Tour and Giveaway- Author Spotlight- For Such A Time As This

Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a two-week book tour and Amazon Gift Card Giveaway For Such A Time As This, by Waletta Dunn. The book tour will run August 16-27,2021.

Genre: Christian Fiction
ISBN-13: 979-8529440100

Waletta Mason Dunn (W Mason Dunn) is the author of More Than Sisters, Faithful Father, A Family Dilemma, Positions of Compromise and Tell Me Your Story: A Family Journal.

Waletta is a Louisiana native. She was born in Shreveport and raised in Bossier City. Reading has been a part of her life from a very young age.

Graduating from Texas College in Tyler, Texas, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She also holds a Master of Public Administration from The University of Oklahoma. For over twenty years, she worked for higher education before deciding to write full time. She currently resides in Tallahassee, Florida with her husband, Donald.

Kiesha Jackson’s peaceful life is about to change!

Her mother receives military orders to Afghanistan. Keisha goes to live with her grandparents in Magnolia, Florida. The new high school principal is far more concerned with protecting her career than protecting innocent students. When Kiesha unintentionally breaks the school’s zero-tolerance policy, she enters the school-to-prison pipeline.

Will Keisha muddle in the injustice of it all? Or will she become a conduit for change?

A row of sparsely planted shrubs extended along the front of the house. She watched a large lizard leap from one of the front windows onto the decorative plant before knocking on the front door. After a moment, the door swung open to reveal a petite blond-haired, blue-eyed woman holding an adorable blond-haired, blue-eyed toddler boy. The child removed the sippy cup from his lips and tendered a delightful gum-filled smile. Chaos lay on the other side of the threshold—scattered toys and clothes, and a child dancing with Barney the Dinosaur blaring from the television. The clamor of screaming children reverberated out from other places in the house.

The woman wrinkled her nose before speaking. “Hello? May I help you?”

“Mrs. Vickers?”

“Yes?” The woman curled her lips.

Shirley squared her shoulders and sized her up. “My name is Shirley Jackson. I understand you had a problem with my daughter this afternoon.”

“Excuse me?” asked the woman with a confused look on her face.

The toddler threw his sippy cup on the floor.

“My daughter, Keisha, was the teenage girl you chased in your van this afternoon.”

Mrs. Vickers jaws dropped, and her face drained of color. “I …I don’t know what… she was throwing rocks.”

“No, she wasn’t.” Shirley stared her down. “You also felt the need to shout a few racial epithets out of your van window.”

Mrs. Vickers eyes grew large and bulgy. “I’m not prejudice or anything. I have black friends.” Vickers crinkled up her nose and mustered up a fake smile.

Shirley raised her hand and cut her off as she opened her mouth to speak. “Congratulations. I’m not here to argue with you. I’m here to warn you. Stay away from my daughter. Don’t say another word to her. If you see her walking down the street, don’t even speak to her. Not one word. Nothing!”

Recommendation of the Day – Someone Needs To Read This!: Make Your Life Work! – Rev. Dr. Nina M. Thompson

Life isn’t always easy to live. Period. All the stones, potions, meditation, scriptures, chants, kindly spoken words…. WILL NOT CHANGE THAT. If we fail to understand that, life can become one frustration and disappointment after another. We may frequently feel like failures, moving through life with emotional highs and lows that lead to depression, poor health, and sometimes, a desire not to be here anymore. But life is not made to be drama free. The challenges can strengthen us, help us develop coping mechanisms, lead us to our life purpose, and position us so that difficulties do not immobilize us or hurt us, causing us to check out…emotionally or literally. The journey can be challenging. The journey can be frustrating. If we are completely honest and past pretending that we have it all figured out, we also will admit that some days the journey is confusing. This book provides wisdom to move through the highs and lows of life. It will help you move from treading water, to floating, to eventually walking on water with little fear of drowning. It will show you that There IS a better way to live your life. Every curve ball doesn’t have to cause you to strike out or go and sit on the bench. Spiritually-inspired wisdom can show you a better way to “go through” so you can “get to” your next assignment, your next victory, your greater. It may not change the bumps and bruises of the journey, but it can change the way that you feel about and respond to it. Be that “SOMEONE” who had the sense enough to know when support is needed.