Business of the Week – Tranquil Bliss

The head company Tranquil Moments was founded in 2005. Initially, it was a massage business. In 2008, it became my publishing company and in 2014, Tranquil Bliss was born. Tranquil Bliss consists of massage, t-shirts, and aromatherapy as well as Literary Consultations. In 2023, Literary Consultations will be moving to my new business venture, Luxurious Legacy Consulting Firm.



Book Review – Figure It Out, Henri Weldon – Tanita Davis

Tanita S. Davis, author of Partly Cloudy and Serena Says, has written another funny, warm story featuring middle school and family life—all about the complex calculations it takes for everyone to balance the equations of their lives and what it takes to be part of a team while handling a learning disability. This middle grade novel is perfect for fans of From the Desk of Zoe Washington and A Good Kind of Trouble.

Seventh grader Henrietta Weldon gets to switch schools—finally! She’ll be “mainstreaming” into public school, leaving her special education school behind. She can’t wait for her new schedule, new friends, and new classes.

Henri’s dyscalculia, a learning disability that makes math challenging to process and understand, is what she expects to give her problems. What she doesn’t expect is a family feud with her sister over her new friends, joining the girls’ soccer team, and discovering poetry. Henri’s tutor and new friend, Vinnie, reminds her to take it slow. One problem at a time.

If Henri Weldon has twenty-four hours in a day, and she has two siblings who dislike her four new friends, two hours of soccer practice, seven hours of classes, and three hours of homework . . . she has:

A. No free time

B. No idea how to make everyone happy

C. No time to figure it out, Henri Weldon!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3I9ymNM


Series of the Week – Crazy Faith Anthology &Crazy Faith Journal – Nicole Bradley

“Sis put the phone down and grab a copy of the motivational anthology you didn’t even know you needed, Crazy Faith. (Sis, did you know that too many selfies COULD BE a sign of self-esteem issues? Could be…don’t shoot the messenger!) Crazy Faith, the book and Companion Journal gives all the feels with 11 authors collaborating on inspiration. Like Oprah says “a new day is on the horizon!”

The difference between your current state and where you want to be is crazy faith. In this world full of chaos, there are things that are happening every day that will make you question it and get any worse. Will you turn to faith or fear? It’s not time to faint. When it rains outside you put on the proper outerwear and use your umbrella. When the battles of life show up to take you out, exercise your faith muscles. It is going to take crazy faith to not only make it through but to get to your next level. Many of us have great potential but have yet to experience the manifestation of our potential. What has limited us from experiencing our best life ever? Could it be that we are limited by fear and our lack of faith? Instead of planting seeds of doubt and nurturing fear, it is time to plant seeds of faith and cultivate them. In this season, it is time to reap what we have sown in faith. Crazy Faith is an anthology composed of inspirational and feel-good stories by eleven authors that will help you do more than survive but thrive. This is the year that you live your ideal life. Decree and declare what you want to be manifested in your life, plant your crazy faith seeds and expect the manifestation. You are encouraged to document your crazy faith journey in this Crazy Faith Companion Journal. It is my sincere hope that your faith does not fail you.

AMAZON: https://amzn.to/3Y8Gxzl (Journal)
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3VRMPSa (Anthology)


Business Spotlight – Tranquil Bliss

Website: https://www.tranquilbliss.net/

What is the name of your business and briefly describe your business?

My company is Tranquil Bliss. Being a Clinical Massage Therapist, I specialize in emotional well-being and relaxation. My books help you escape to another world. Additionally, I offer Literary Consultations to help writers write their books.

When did you start this business?

The head company Tranquil Moments was founded in 2005. Initially, it was a massage business. In 2008, it became my publishing company and in 2014, Tranquil Bliss was born. Tranquil Bliss consists of massage, t-shirts, and aromatherapy as well as Literary Consultations. In 2023, Literary Consultations will be moving to my new business venture, Luxurious Legacy Consulting Firm.

What services are products do you offer?

Talking about all things literary, I offer books, publishing, and Literary Consultations. I teach authors how to use OPM (Other People’s Money) to finance their projects. I also help people create their own signature fragrances for characters in their books, which opens another stream of revenue for writers.

Who is your target audience?

Busy single moms.

What are your company’s goals?

Tranquil Bliss always endeavors to leave people better than we found them.

What was the inspiration behind your company?

Being an educator and massage therapist, I felt the need to launch Tranquil Bliss to provide a stress reliever for the people around me. “Most people spend 6-8 hours daily at work and the whole time they are there, they wish they were somewhere else. That’s 25% of your day, on average 5 days a week, and let’s not think how long you have to do this until retirement. That is no way to exist. So, I created Tranquil Bliss to help people find joy in their day-to-day lives. You shouldn’t spend 25% of your day with the “I can’t wait ‘til I get off of work.” mentality. Nor should every day be spent wishing and longing for Fridays.”

What is unique about your company?

We provide the ultimate relaxation experience. Additionally, my level of expertise. I am a licensed educator, with a minor in English and Spanish. My experience of being a former Chemistry and Biology teacher is very useful in the lab when I’m creating fragrances and massage candles. Who better to specialize in providing the ultimate experience for relaxation, than myself, Clinical Massage Therapist.

How did you come up with the name of your company?

In a world of chaos, sometimes it is hard to find moments of tranquility. So, that is how Tranquil Moments the parent company’s name came to be. Then I just took it to another level, Tranquil Bliss.

How would you describe your company your company’s success so far?

Tranquil Bliss is doing well with its services and products. Readers are encouraged to purchase books and candles from http://www.tranquilbliss.net. Once you experience our massage candles you will never go back to the regular candles.

What are your future goals for your company?

“Tranquil Bliss is eventually going to be a premiere, upscale day spa. You can come in to receive spa services for yourself or with your group of friends. You will experience our café, wine tastings, sip and creates (make Tranquil Bliss products while sipping on wine or mocktails) bookstore and of course, you can box up Tranquil Bliss and take it with you. Tranquil Bliss also provides Corporate Bliss packages. We go into corporations and help employees experience Tranquil Bliss. Relaxed people are happier and more productive people


Recommendation of the Week – Love of my Life – Jahzara

Finding true love is a gamble and the odds always seemed to be against Dr. Gia Black. Tragedy had struck one too many times. This was her excuse for settling for a substandard relationship with her boyfriend, Matthew “Taboo” Henderson.
Sometimes life presents you with a second chance. If that rare opportunity to experience love again with Infinity Washington were ever to occur, Gia vowed that she would leap at the opportunity.
Love doesn’t always show up at the most opportune times or on your terms. Ten years had gone by since Gia had laid eyes on Infinity. When she encounters him at the Lake County Court House she seizes the moment and invited him to her home. The innocent invitation opens the door to chaos.
When ex-police officer, Taboo comes home to find Infinity having dinner it sets off his short fuse. Taboo had provided a comfortable lifestyle for Gia and her son. Although Taboo slept next to Gia most nights, he never disillusioned himself into believing he was the love of her life. Even knowing this fact, he never imagined Gia would invite another man into their homes and their lives. Infinity was a stinging reminder of all of Taboo’s failures and insecurities.
Prior to Infinity’s arrival in their small town, Taboo had resorted to physical and verbal abuse to control Gia. His grip on Gia was diminishing now that Infinity had resurfaced. If he was going to continue to remain a free man, Taboo knew he had to act quickly.
Ultimately, Gia has to make a choice…continue to sleep with the enemy to avoid prison or take a leap and experience true love. Taboo knows that Gia is going to leave him. He would rather see her leave in a body bag as opposed to walk away with Infinity

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3uxZmyl