Recommendation of the Week – The Wrong Catch – Dr. Velma Bagby

After word spread like wildfire from Veronica Dawson’s Sunday testimony—she shared her dad’s fish stories describing the wrong guys she dated: the Catfish who loves garbage, the Sturgeon who likes to nibble, the Salmon who hates getting caught, and the Pufferfish who is handsome until agitated—the women asked for more fish stories.
Some comments were: “I can’t believe I dated all those fish characters.” “Using fish personalities for men was genius.”
In response to the demand, Greyson and Veronica host a women’s conference focused on the WRONG CATCH. There, Greyson introduced 4 new fish analogies and used trophy fish to discuss dating the wrong men. The trophy fish are an elite group popular for fishing tournaments, a multi-million-dollar business. To win a trophy fish, anglers must prepare for a long fight, as these fish will fight relentlessly to avoid getting caught, including flying above water to knock the hook out of its mouth. Most times the fish wins, tiring out the angler.
On land, a trophy feels entitled, even when his financial status does not match the title. He does not see the woman as the prize and sees only himself. These guys believe anyone in their inner circle is like an extra in a movie and lucky to be around them.
The question Greyson challenged the women to answer was: If the guy is a trophy, what does that make the woman called to be his prize (crown)? Find out more in The WRONG CATCH.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3HEzJmR

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