Pick Strawberries Day – Buddernut Adventures: Gamma Loves Strawberries Just Like Aurielle

Buddernut, as she is lovingly referred to by her Papa and Gamma is determined to give her Gamma strawberries. Buddernut remembers that strawberries are her grandmother’s favorite fruit just like it is her favorite fruit. Buddernut’s mom tells her that she is going over Gamma’s house. She is very excited because Buddernut has a close loving bond with her grandparents. The journey to Papa and Gamma’s house is a fun journey. However, in the middle of the fun journey, Buddernut drops the bag with Gamma’s carefully prepared strawberries. Follow along as Buddernut baby gibberrishes her way to solving minor concerns. It’s a fun, loving, kind, giving, and adventurous story for a beautiful one-year-old little girl.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3MwRTd7

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