Book Review – Moni and Koko: Moni’s Epic Forest Adventure – Vicky Feng

Value of Friendship


 Book Review

This is about two best friends Moni and Koko. Moni is a boy rabbit and Koko is an eagle. Koko tells Moni all about his daily adventures. Moni’s mom tells him he cannot go on an adventure by himself. but one day, he decides to go on an adventure anyway. what happens to Moni when he doesn’t listen? The purpose of this book is to be grateful, listen, and the value of friendship. I really enjoyed the beautiful illustrations that were colorful, vivid, and detailed. I give this book four stars.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3zXGnjC


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Moni is a sweet little rabbit living with his mom in the forest. He spends his time having fun with his best friend Koko, an eagle that enjoys narrating fascinating stories to Moni. One day Moni decides to explore the deep forest and get to a luscious garden filled with carrots and lettuce. Despite his mother’s warnings, Moni heads off on a forest adventure and faces a lifethreatening challenge. Will he come back home safely?
An entertaining story that will teach your kids:
To Cherish The Value Of Friendship
To Take Care Of Themselves & Avoid Being Reckless
To Be Grateful About Their Home & Family
Don’t Hesitate!
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