Book Review – WOUNDS of Wisdom by Dr. Monica Y. Jackson

Book Review

This is a testimony about how you can get your life to enjoy back. This is a book about different wounds in your life. The different wounds are job-related, friend, church, family, and marriage wounds. I love how the author discusses the specific wounds, then gives us the wisdom to overcome that wound, resources, scripture, and how to apply that wound. This book is very detailed and understandable. A couple of times, the author stepped on my toes. I thought every chapter, I had to reflect. This book is a good resource to use when you come up with these wounds. I love the cover of the book because it resonated with what was inside the book. Also at the end of the book, the author gave you questions to reflect on. The author hit the nail on the head with this book. I recommend this book to people who need to heal from their wounds and not patch them up. I give this book four stars.


This testimony of pain, courage, perseverance and endurance rips the bandages off disappointment, betrayal, heartbreak and a suicide attempt. The gut-wrenching details cut deep and ooze onto every page. Suture earthshattering wounds with tips and encouragement that are shared, to claim your joy and command a peace that surpasses all understanding. Use this book with the Wounds of Wisdom workbook journal for maximum impact, available on the author’s website.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3MYjJiI

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