Recommendation of the Day – Typical Hood Story – Nyree Chandler

Former Lovers Ivan Marrick and Nyree Banks have joined together to compose this book of 2 short stories. Warning Adult Content and Strong Language.

Typical Hood Story is a book of two short stories by Ivan Marrick and Nyree Banks. These two ex-lovers collaborate to share hood tales they have crafted. Each story is titled Typical Hood Story and takes place in their hometown Gary, Indiana. 

Although Ivan Marrick has some unsavory ways, he has never been successful in street life. However, when Ivan ends up in jail, he decides to write this hood tale of three young guys who immerse themselves in street life. It reads like the “Typical Hood Story.” It is a raw and uncut story as Ivan is being detained in an undisclosed location. 

Nyree Banks comes from an upscale family but has always been intrigued by street life. Nyree uses the knowledge that she may or may not have obtained from group therapy to write her urban tale of a misguided woman looking for love.

Book Link: https://www.tranquilbliss.net/product-page/typical-hood-story-and-candle

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