Book Review – I Survived The Storm – Paulette Harper

Great Testimonies

The Storm called Betrayal
Pastor Paulette Harper

Those two opening questions hit me like a boulder and I had to sit back for a moment. Some of what Pastor Paulette was saying resonated with me and I understood what she was saying. I have been in that storm. The author was very transparent and I love her honesty. It was as if it was just her and I had this conversation. At the end of the storm, we will win because we have faith, and prayer, and are expected to move forward.

I Found Peace in the Struggle
Sandee England

In the opening paragraph, your pain was extreme and I could feel the author’s struggle. Storm after storm after storm, how could you survive? Two devastating deaths and more!! “What you focus on grows”, OMG that was a very powerful and true statement. Your words are really hitting home and it is making me think. Thank you, Jesus. Peace in the storm, Hallelujah!

I’m Coming out of This!
Damon L. Owens

I thought I was the only one that went through crying in a car or whenever a song came on. Going through a storm and having a therapist is okay. Thanks for that. We have to take care of ourselves. I have ourselves together before we can help others. I know if the author can come out of the storm, then I know I can also. Thanks for your honesty.

It Didn’t Kill Me
Melissa Powell-Harrell

I can really relate to this author’s story. I have been hospitalized for 5 years straight at around the same time. Some stays were longer than others but it didn’t kill me. This author taught me that my health, my circumstances, and my children won’t kill me. WOW!!!

It Happened Again
Dr. Tina M. Beatty

I really appreciate the author for being open and honest about what went on in her marriage. I think it will help others to heal and be delivered also. As they say, forgiveness is for you, not the other person. Thanks for that revelation again. I love how the author put in a forgiveness prayer for the readers.

Surviving the Love of an Attic
A. Lynne Brooks

I really enjoyed how the author overcame adversity by being married to an addict. Thanks for being transparent in your story. I know your story is going to help someone.

The Storm Is Passing Over
Pamela Michelle Tate

This story had me in tears. The love and the bond the daughter had with her mother were similar to the love and bond I had with my mother. I miss my mother, also. That was a great question at the end of the story. Also, that is a hard question and I’m going to really think about that.

Overall, this was a great and insightful anthology. The authors were vulnerable, honest, and very transparent. I could relate to some of the authors. I cried, smiled, and mourned some of the stories. I recommend this book to individuals that are broken and need and want forgiveness, and going through a storm. I give this book 4 stars.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3KY1icA

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