Book Review – Forgiving the Absent Father: Reversing the Generational Curse of the Fatherless Home- Norma McLauchlin

Great Strategies

Book Review

This devotional is about learning to forgive your earthly Father and move forward with a positive, productive life. The author highlights the mental, emotional, and physical health and challenges of overcoming forgiven]ness. She gives us insights and strategies we need to use in our life with scriptures and reflections. At the end of this book, are questions to reflect on and answer truthfully. This devotional helped me to see forgiveness from a different perspective. The writings of the author were straightforward and understandable to comprehend. I recommend this book to men and women who are struggling to learn to forgive anyone but especially your earthly Father. I give it 4 stars.


If you’re considering the forgiveness of the father who abandoned you good for you. It is honorable to even think about showing grace, love, and kindness toward someone who has done you wrong. Moreover, it suggests that you have great empathy and strength.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/40fcING

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