Book Spotlight – A State of Affairs: Deception – Dr. AudreyAnn Moses

Which five words best describe A STATE OF AFFAIRS: DECEPTION?
Can you share one highlight from the book? 

 If you can remember the character, Mr. Peterson, in book 1, Uninvited Memories was not happy at the appearance of Scotty. Mr. Peterson is Italian and retired from both the Air Force and Post Office. He was very clear, in both books, that he had the ability to “make Scotty disappear.” In this book, he was very unhappy to find out that Scotty was still in Atlanta, and, Natalee would have to see him again because he is somehow involved in the case she is investigating. In a couple areas of Book 2 the distrust Mr. Peterson has for Scottie comes to Natalee’s mind, and she has to question if he might be right in his assumptions 
What is the purpose of this book?

The purpose of this book is two-fold. First, it continues the mystery of Scottie and whether the sight of him brings back, not only uninvited memories but memories that make her ask the “what if” question one too many times. Second, I wanted to help people see how personality disorders are prevalent among us, and maybe in us.
 Are there themes that you find turn up again and again in your work? A common thread?

When I was younger I didn’t like romance novels, unless there was something more than romance going on. My ‘something’ is some disorder that causes havoc for the person and the family until it is resolved. It could be one or more of the issues physical, mental, relational, or spiritual. Normally, it’s a combination of one and spiritual. Humans don’t seem to realize how important it is to be healthy in all four areas in order to be whole. Amazon.com: AudreyAnn Moses: books, biography, the latest update
Which character or part of the book was the most fun to write? Which part was the hardest?

I’ll talk about the hardest first… In my other books, I managed to let my characters have fun while they were dealing with their disabilities. This book was hard for me because the main topic was harassment onboard a naval vessel. The navy was my happy place so I struggled with how conniving they were and how angry Dr. Morgan was. I had to change the tone several times before I got it right. I also I enjoyed writing the conversations between Dr. Morgan and Commander Scott. She remained angry enough to keep one step ahead of him. Also, I enjoyed writing the conversations in the Chief’s Mess. It reminded me of when I onboard ship in the Chief’s Mess.
Can you tell us something that even your most loyal fans may not know about you?

You want me to tell you all my secrets. I would have to say that, no matter how much I tell them, people still don’t believe that I’m an introvert. I do things in front of people all the time, but afterward, I need a moment or two or three alone together myself. Crowds pull a lot of my energy.
Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Writing a book can be just as much fun as reading one. Just let your imagination tell your pen who your characters are. Bring them to life and let them tell the story. And remember, if you don’t enjoy reading your books…re-write them until you do. Then you will know that others will enjoy it also. God Bless you and HAPPY WRITING.

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