Book of the Day – She Said Yes To Herself Unapologetically: The Empowerment Guide for Women – Chanelle Coleman

Do YOU want to continue serving yourself from an empty cup? Aren’t you tired of shrinking yourself to fit into spaces and places that you’ve outgrown? Are you ready to break up with any limiting versions of yourself?

The author of She Said Yes…. has successfully transformed her life’s narrative from waiting on it to walking in it. Now she empowers women to do the same. She Said Yes… provides 21 actionable steps through powerful insights, scriptures, affirmations, short stories, self-work, and other activities that will help women to recognize their worth, walk within their God-ordained purpose, and realize their potential. Ultimately this platform seeks to change the way women decide to play the game. This book is the tool that every woman looking to elevate needs in her toolbox.

eBook: https://amzn.to/3TzAUIw

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