Book Spotlight – Joy Comes in the Morning – Chanelle Coleman

Joy Comes in the Morning is a devotional that captures the stories of 90 amazing co-authors who share stories.

Joy Comes in the Morning is a best-selling anthology comprised of 90 amazing co-authors. These dynamic writers share their stories of battling adversities, resetting after defeats, and overcoming trials and tragedy. Become inspired by the hope, endurance, and perseverance that resonates throughout every page of this explosive book.

5 words that describe this book:

Inspirational, Powerful, Intense, Motivating, Authentic

Book Highlight:

Bestselling author, visionary, playwright, and the creative powerhouse of CeCi’s Ink, Chanelle Coleman (Wesley), shares her story of unimaginable loss and how she can still see the hand of God create rainbows in the midst of gray skies. Have you felt discouraged by the trials of life? Are you looking for an encouraging word? Read Joy Comes in the Morning today!

Despite the difficult experiences the authors encountered their steadfast belief in Christ is unwavering.

I’d like to have a transparent moment. My participation in this project came at a time when my loss was very fresh. So I can’t say any aspect of the writing process was fun, but it was definitely therapeutic to put my feelings to paper.

This book is designed to uplift, encourage, and inspire individuals who are battling an overwhelming sense of loss and or grief. Our darkest moments in life are just before the break of day. Believe that God can take you from waiting on it to walking in it. Be encouraged! Joy will come in the morning.

I used to allow my fears to control me. If I felt afraid about trying something new my fears would dictate whether or not I could do it. I no longer live life this way. It’s okay if you’re afraid. But your fears don’t give you permission to deny yourself the gift of trying. You don’t have to wait for all of your fears to be resolved before you’re willing to try. Do it scared! I do!

I’d like to thank Ms. Queenie Clem for this phenomenal opportunity. I’m truly appreciative of the chance to connect with you. I’d love for us to stay in contact with one another. You can reach me at shesaidyestoherself@gmail.com and join the She Said Yes to Herself Unapologetically Movement at http://www.shesaidyestoherself.com

Chanelle Coleman (Wesley), is a best-selling author, creative powerhouse of CeCi’s Ink, playwright, motivational speaker, visionary of Black Women Authors and the She Said Yes to Herself Unapologetically Movement. A platform used to empower, motivate, and inspire women. Chanelle is significantly inspired by her late mother’s penchant for prolific storytelling and a strong sense of faith. Her greatest accomplishment, however, forever remains becoming a mother to six beautiful children and “GiGi” to two adorable grandchildren

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