Book of the Day – Love of My Life – Jahzara

Finding true love is a gamble and the odds always seemed to be against Dr. Gia Black. Tragedy had struck one too many times. This was her excuse for settling for a substandard relationship with her boyfriend, Matthew “Taboo” Henderson.
Sometimes life presents you with a second chance. If that rare opportunity to experience love again with Infinity Washington were ever to occur, Gia vowed that she would leap at the opportunity.
Love doesn’t always show up at the most opportune times or on your terms. Ten years had gone by since Gia had laid eyes on Infinity. When she encounters him at the Lake County Court House she seizes the moment and invited him to her home. The innocent invitation opens the door to chaos.
When ex-police officer, Taboo comes home to find Infinity having dinner it sets off his short fuse. Taboo provided a comfortable lifestyle for Gia and her son. Although Taboo slept next to Gia most nights, he never disillusioned himself into believing he was the love of her life. Even knowing this fact, he never imagined Gia would invite another man into their homes and their lives. Infinity was a stinging reminder of all of Taboo’s failures and insecurities.
Prior to Infinity’s arrival in their small town, Taboo had resorted to physical and verbal abuse to control Gia. His grip on Gia was diminishing now that Infinity had resurfaced. If he was going to continue to remain a free man, Taboo knew he had to act quickly.
Ultimately, Gia has to make a choice…continue to sleep with the enemy to avoid prison or take a leap and experience true love. Taboo knows that Gia is going to leave him. He would rather see her leave in a body bag as opposed to walk away with Infinity.

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