Book Spotlight – She Said Yes To Herself Unapologetically: The Empowerment Guide for Women – Chanelle Coleman

5 words that describe She Said Yes…

Authentic, Transformative, Powerful, Insightful, and Relevant! 

Can you share one highlight from the book?

She Said Yes to Herself Unapologetically provides 21 actionable steps, in addition to activities and self-work that will take the concepts learned from this book from a thought to a realization. But before we can begin this wonderful process of transformation we must first be willing to cut ties with any limiting views we’ve held, we must be willing to let go of any versions of ourselves that required us to minimize or reduce the women we currently are so that we can fully embrace the woman we are becoming! There is a breakup and pledge that’s required before you embark upon your journey to saying yes to the most valuable player on your team! It’s time for you to boldly begin your journey toward loving yourself unapologetically. Aren’t you truly deserving of your YES!

What is the purpose of this book?

This book is designed to provide a bridge to the She Said Yes to Herself Unapologetically Movement. A platform with a mission and vision to pour purposefully, passionately, and powerfully into women! 

Are there themes that you find turn up again and again in your work? A common thread?

Absolutely! I find several themes that lead back to one simple premise. Sis— It’s time to take yourself out of the box. There was a time when I stopped short of realizing my dreams because of my fears, the conversation that I heard in my head was negative so it gave me permission to remain stuck in the same place where I felt “safe.” I wanted to move but instead, I opted for what was familiar. I wanted old keys to open new doors but this is an impossibility. How many of us know that in order to get something you’ve never had you must be willing to do something you’ve never done! I learned from my own circumstance that transition never happens in a comfortable place. Your perception will influence  “what you see.” Learning this changed the game for me and it can change the game for you too!

 Can you tell us something that even your most loyal fans may not know about you?

I am a storyteller by design. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and incest, I created stories as a way of escape. To this day imagining or telling stories is still therapeutic to me. I loved coming up with short stories or rhymes to emphasize a point. 

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I would have to say not telling a story was the hardest part. It’s so much easier to tell a story from a character’s point of view. Because hate it or love it- it’s the character’s thoughts, words, and actions. But when you remove the colorful storylines you aren’t able to hide behind the character. Now you have to own your writing. So it’s more revealing to me in a sense. 

I’m an extrovert/introvert. I have times when I love to be around and engage with people. The majority of the time this is the space I choose to dwell in. But I also have times when I need a moment to isolate myself and process life. 

I’d love to thank Ms. Queenie Clem for this amazing opportunity! I’d also like to thank the readers for taking the time to read this article! I hope we can become fast friends and stay connected! Book 2 will be released this summer.  I have free tools and swag items for joining the She Said Yes to Herself Unapologetically Tribe! You can reach me and join my email list at shesaidyestoherself@gmail.com and visit the website http://www.shesaidyestoherself.com to find out the latest news about upcoming summits and other events!

eBook: https://amzn.to/3TzAUIw

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