Author/Book Spotlight – Paulette Nunlee

Author Paulette Nunlee published her first fiction novel, MAGIC HANDS: Sistahs in Medicine, in February 2022 and it quickly shot up Amazon’s Kindle Vella TOP FAVES for readers chart and has held a spot for 315 weeks. Spurred on by women medical practitioners in her family and less than three percent black female representation in the field, she’ll add more stories to the series.

A retired telecommunications executive with public relations experience, Nunlee provides copy editing and proofreading services for writers and small business communications. She has edited over ninety fiction and non-fiction manuscripts for award-winning authors. Currently writing a self-editing book for authors, she recognizes the challenges faced by self-published writers and strives to ensure the work she reviews communicates their best efforts. Her helpful self-editing tips are found on Facebook and Instagram.

Paulette and David, her husband of fifty years, reside in Romulus MI. They have two sons, Michael and Eric.

Five Star Proofing
Website: Fivestarproofing.com
Facebook.com/Paulette Nunlee
IG: paulette_nunlee

MAGIC HANDS: Sistahs in Medicine

Pediatric surgeon Dr. Robyn Jarvis, grieving the death of a young patient is on a self-initiated break from a major hospital operating room. Her estranged mother is determined to interfere in Robyn’s life, creating all kinds of havoc. While helping out a friend with a DIY project, she crosses paths with Trey Evans, a teenage crush she hadn’t seen in two decades. Now a grown woman ending a timed-out relationship, her heart warms renewing her acquaintance with the man from her past.

A retired professional basketball player, Evans is approaching his fiftieth birthday and finds himself teamed with the thirty-five-year-old physician he’d protected in the past from an overzealous parent. Confused by secrets threatening the tranquility within his own family, he’s uncertain about an attraction to Robyn and taking on her baggage.

Will Trey and Robyn be able to stand together and overcome the challenges of outside forces threatening a happy ever after relationship?

Kindle Vella: https://amzn.to/3Ju3kOb

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