Author/Book Spotlight- Margo Thomas

Margo Thomas earned degrees in Accounting from the College of The Bahamas and Valdosta State University, respectively. She is the Director of the Take Stock in Children Program in Tallahassee, Florida where her team helps families eliminate the cycle of poverty through mentoring and providing students with resources and tools to help them navigate the pathway through high school, college, and a career.

As she was the first in her family to go to college, Margo fully understands how this opportunity makes a significant impact on the lives of the students she serves. A few years ago, while researching resources to help her parents navigate the college-prep journey, she was disappointed that she could not find information that would speak directly to them. A lightbulb went off and she asked herself, “Why shouldn’t I write exactly what I am looking for?” A year later, Margo published the book, Help! What I Tell Parents About Preparing Their Kids For College. This simple, easy-to-read guide has been preparing parents to successfully help their students transition from high school to college. Because Margo is passionate about getting students through college with limited debt, she also developed a college-prep planner for high school students called I Am College Bound, which was published in June 2020.

Margo’s other passion is educating women about basic financial literacy. She coaches and supports recent college graduates in getting their financial houses in order. She meets women who are overwhelmed in the rat race and are tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck. Many of these women are college graduates who have been saddled with crazy student loans and consumer debt. They are at the place where they would like to purchase a home, but because of their extreme debt, they do not know where to start. Margo uses her professional expertise and personal experiences to help women assess their financial situation, change their behavior with money, develop their money management toolkit, and crush their debt. Margo recently published a budgeting and financial planning workbook called, Get Your Financial House in Order.

Author | Trainer | Speaker | Certified Coach (Budgeting & College-Prep)
Website: http://www.your-budget-coach.com
FB: Parents of College-Bound Students
FB: Your Budget Coach
IG: margothomas20
Social media handles: FB – https://bit.ly/FBAuthorMargoThomas
IG: margothomas20

When Fate Whispers: A Short Story

After accepting the call to ministry, doors were opening to Karen, a minister at the Life Everlasting Church in Tallahassee. To those around her, Karen’s life seemed perfect. She was receiving numerous invitations from local churches to speak at women’s ministry programs. No one knew the secret she’d been keeping all these years, at least not until fate intervened with a chance meeting at a local grocery store with Candace, a young cashier. Candace’s journey mirrors Karen’s secret, except the ending would be significantly different if Karen refuses to listen to that soft whisper she’s been trying to ignore.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3Eq0qZX

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