Book Spotlight – Shafi Doldi – Paris Smith

Shafi Doldi is a man on a mission. He travels to America from Ethiopia, via Eastern Europe, to live his dream, but things are not what they seem, and from the very beginning, he has to fight for that dream. An exciting, racy page-turner like Shafi Doldi only comes around once in a lifetime.

(5 words describing Shafi Doldi).

A man on a mission.

(Highlight from the book)

The masses of the working class people were being exploited by the entrepreneurial class. They were all swirling about in a cauldron of corruption and mad consumerism. But he was going to make sure he came out on top. What other sensible thing could he do? He was going to be one of the big fish in a big pond. He aspired to be a landowner and a ruler of men.

Purpose of the book:

Make a statement about life through literature.

Themes and threads in my works:

This one I can’t get a fix on this one right now because I’m too close to my own thoughts.

The most fun part of the book to write, and the hardest:

About Brenda Page, the female protagonist, because she’s so jaded, sensual, and insincere. The hardest part was dealing with the Russian KGB agents because they were bad guys looking for Shafi, a bad guy.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3kSbit8

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