Recommendation of the Day – A State of Affairs: Deception – Dr. AudreyAnn Moses

Dr. AudreyAnn Moses is a Certified Christian Life Coach and Mental Wellness Counselor. She has published articles and conducted workshops on personal growth and transition. She is a published author. Her newest novel “A State Of Affairs: Deception” is currently in pre-launch (planned availability December 31, 2022 ). She can be found on Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, and Amazon in paperback, Kindle, or NOOK. Visit her personal link https://linktr.ee/neversaycaint. Her motto is “Books are adventures designed to make our imagination come to life.”

A State of Affairs: Deception is Book 2 of my Earl Grey Chronicles Series in which Dr. Natalee Morgan is the top investigator for The Honorable Congresswoman Constance Abraham of Georgia. Natalee is a retired Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy. In Book 1, Uninvited Memories. Because of her experience with the Navy, she has been assigned to investigate a letter received from the mother of a sailor onboard the USS GREENWOOD LAKE. The letter urges Congresswoman Abraham to aggressively investigate harassment and discrimination that has been directed toward her son. As she begins her investigation in State of Affairs: Deception, Dr. Morgan encounters three issues. First, how is she to react to the sudden appearance of an old love who broke her heart 20+ years ago? Second, how does she find answers when they are hidden all over a United States Navy vessel? The third and most disconcerting…nothing is ever as it seems.

Book Link: https://transitionlifecoach4u.com/pre-launch-sale
Or by emailing me at audreyannsbooks@yahoo.com

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