Recommendation of the Day – Turbulence: Dispatches from the Student Protest Movement Rutgers 1970 – Lewis Ritter

About the Author

Lew Ritter is a retired teacher from Bergen County. He has had many careers including working in the Air Courier industry before FedEx took over the field, graduating from DeVry College as a Unix Network Operations person, and finally as a Social Studies and Library Media Specialist Teacher. He has been married for twenty-three years to Bonnie Mitchel. His interest in writing began in college with a series of correspondence with the legendary producer of MASH, Larry Gelbart. He wrote an impassioned letter to CBS protesting the potential cancellation of MASH in its freshmen year. Gelbart was so impressed with the letter that they corresponded for several months. He sent him actual scripts and even gave Lew a chance to pitch story ideas for the series. In 1975, Lew joined Mystery Writers of America and tried his hands at writing mystery short stories for the Ellery Queens Mystery Magazine. He became enthusiastic about becoming a Copywriter for advertising agencies in NYC in the early 80s. This led him to take classes at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. He took classes with Copywriters and Art Directors from legendary agencies such as Ally & Gargano and Doyle Dane and Birnbach. His decision to become a screenwriter began in 1985 when he attended a Screenwriting class led by Ron Peterson. He wrote several entry-level screenplays but reached his level in 2011.

Welcome to Rutgers University, 1970. This New Jersey college campus, like others across the country, is a microcosm of the turbulent times that would transform America forever. This book centers on a group of students who must confront their personal, academic, and social challenges as the world around them take its first steps toward the 21st century.

Danny Watkins is the student advisor to a dormitory full of freshman students. His driving passion is to graduate and become a famous journalist. He writes for the Daily Targum, the student newspaper. Standing in his way is Jim Morris, his mercurial editor, who doubts Danny’s ability to succeed, and assigns him stories that do not match his ability.

After an important news story goes disastrously wrong, Danny is fired from the newspaper and loses his scholarship. He risks everything in a last-gasp trip to NYC in an effort to recruit Abbie Hoffman, a controversial activist, to speak on the campus. If he fails, he must drop out of school and face being drafted to serve in the unpopular war in Vietnam.

Through the eyes of these college students, we see the political and social upheaval that defined this decade: the Vietnam war, the civil rights movement, the women’s movement, and the sexual revolution. It was an era of peace, love, and war, and all three came together in universities like Rutgers.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3QUq66I

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