Book Spotlight – The Arise Devotional Book – Felicia Edmond

The Arise Devotional Book will assist you in starting your day focused on the promises of God. Arise focuses on your growth in Christ and going to new levels in Him. Arise focuses on letting go of the past, moving into the new in your purpose and relationships, and seeing the promises of God manifest in Your life. Arise is designed to assist you in gaining a new mindset as you persevere in each new area in your life that the Lord has for you. Each devotional will inspire you to move into your God-given destiny! Get prepared for Your New!

Five words to describe Arise
God’s Glory, New, Forward, Called, Joy

Highlight from the book:
Qualified-It is God who qualifies us and not others. He equips for what we are called to do.

Purpose of the book:
That we can arise and receive God’s glory and move into what God has calls us to do no matter the limitations.

Themes and Common Thread.
That we are made new in Christ. We can move on from the past and push forward into the new. The best is yet to come.

Most fun to write and the most challenging.
Most Fun: Was writing the poems. I love writing Christian poetry
Most Challenging: Writing the reflection questions. It was out of my comfort zone but God moved through the writing.

What people may not know about me:
That my husband and I preach every Sunday online

Anything else I would like to share with readers.
To never give up. God’s plan is great. We just have to seek Him and walk in what He has for us.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3HceIyF

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