Book of the Day – Three Friends the Perfect Stereotype – Anthony S

Three Friends is a book about three guys from different cultures who have known one another since the third grade. The three of them are inseparable. If you violate one of them you’ve violated them all. Now in their twenties, they have responsibilities and have not hung out in a while. With conflicting schedules, it’s nearly impossible for the three of them to hang out as planned. Well, it was time to do something about it. So, the three of them decide to meet at one of their houses. When the three of them show up they firmly embrace each other tell jokes and have a few beers to unwind. They are exclusive to the outside world. After having several beers each they all are feeling a good buzz from the half-empty soapy beer mugs. They decide to watch a ball game on the big screen and enjoy a few snacks that were previously placed on the table. While watching the game one at a time they rotate from the family room to the frig. Making sure no one’s mug is empty. At this point, they’re not sure whose turn it is to retrieve more beers. There is a change of events. Meanwhile, two of the three decide to go into another room. Not long after there is a loud band that is heard throughout the house… Something goes wrong inside! Very Wrong!

Five words that describe Three Friends the Perfect Stereotype:

Loyalty, Stereotyping, fellowshipping, togetherness, and the message that it portrays.

One highlight from the book:

Throughout the book from grade school to adulthood, there were several journeys/adversities that they all faced at some time in their lives and they would rally back together and remain supportive of one another no matter what!

Purpose of the book:

To let others, know that they should not be so quick to judge before facts are presented and or revealed.

Do themes that are found turn up time and time again in your work?


Which part of the book or character was fun to write?

The courtroom scenes (both)

What’s something about you that my most loyal friends don’t know about me?

I struggle when someone gets hurt or killed in a tragedy. I am very sentimental.

Do you want to share anything more with our readers?

Yes, I want to encourage others to have hope in this very uncertain world that we live in. I have two other books that I have written to support this. (Tagger and Bikers Loyalty) “Go out into the world and spread the Gospel of Christ so that others may know Him… that is exactly what I do with my ballpoint pen. I would also like to build a large fan base, who shares the same vision as I do.

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