Book Review – Hope for Christmas- Danyelle Scroggins

He’s handsome, chocolate, successful, and always staring at me.

I’m the curvy, white chick, who is a single mother with baggage.

And as fate would have it, I get blessed on Christmas Day, right in front of my enemy…my broken baby daddy who is a thorn in my flesh and smooching off of me with no remorse.

I’ve got to make a move, but when?

Robin Powell

I’m a hostess at The Wellington, a nursing student, and a single mother to my son Blake, who is a wonderful and smart child.

But his smooching father is taking complete advantage of me.

I may be in a hopeless situation, but I refuse to give up hope in miracles.

Somehow, someway, things are going to change.

Charles “Chuck” Snell

I’m the bodyguard for one of the richest men in New York City, Mr. Pierce Jansen. Pierce has found love, with Daiya, and I’m feeling like that’s the same thing I want.

When I realize exactly who the perfect lady is, I find out that she has more than enough going on.

But as fate would have it, I’m trying to be the one who will bring her…Hope for Christmas.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3WNBbbj

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