Author Spotlight – La Wanda Marrero

La Wanda Marrero is an author, poet, and community spokes advocate. She has worked since the 1990s as a liaison for seniors, parents, and youth. She has mentored numerous community children from broken homes and their families. She gained her experience as a community research counselor working with Cecil Williams, Glide Memorial Church, “Facts on Crack” generational program as the 5:00 pm, certified drug treatment counselor. Her position extended into a partnership between Glide Memorial and Plan Parenthood as the liaison and research consultant for the Phreda project, and two years as a certified alcohol and drug counselor (multicultural diverse community) at West Oakland health center. La Wanda graduated from the University of Phoenix on December 31, 2011, with a bachelor’s degree in Human Services (social work). Also graduated in 2014 from the University of Phoenix with a Marriage and family therapy degree. She is the Youth Coordinator and Missionary, at Shiloh Full Gospel Church (Outreach Ministry) in San Francisco California. She is the founder of Adnawal Inc. (nonprofit) promoting family health wellness Physically, emotionally, and Mentally through community collaborative partnerships and services for seniors, adults, and youth. She also is the co-founder of Unstoppable Publishing Company. She teaches a therapeutic writing class called “Start Steppin”, to the community’s all ages, bridging gaps. “The Start Steppin” program was designed by La Wanda after publishing her first book, Alice N Crackland, and realized that writing was an essential tool in acknowledging, accepting, and overcoming challenges.

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