Book Spotlight of the Day – girls in search of cover – Pamela Mshana

girls in search of cover is a novel set against the backdrop of three generations of women scarred by rape. It dramatizes a girl’s journey through the belly of the beast and her triumph above the brutal legacy of her matriarchs.

Carmia is a troubled young African-American girl whose drug-addicted mother relocates Carmia and her brother to Bovina, Mississippi—a deeply religious backwater where they all move in with Carmia’s grandmother, Ma Evans.

Carmia grows up an outsider in Bovina. Mother Johns, a conniving church leader with a dark hatred for Ma Evans, convinces the community that Ma Evans’ entire bloodline, including Carmia, is cursed.

After a series of tragic deaths, Carmia begins to think so too. As a teenager faced with a life of violence, church hurt, and sexual trauma, will her hope of a better life be enough for her to overcome? Will the voices of her ancestors (spiritual cloud of witnesses), give her strength enough to escape the abuse her matriarchs suffered?

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3MAnJmz

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