Book of the Day – I Am College Bound: My College Prep Planner – Margo Thomas

I have spoken to many parents who believe that preparing their high school students for college is one of the more difficult tasks they’ve had to face. Like you, many parents want the best for their students. They want to know that their son or daughter is fully prepared for the transition between high school and college. Unfortunately, for many high school students, there is always tomorrow. Their desire to procrastinate and leave important activities for another day can be frustrating, to say the least. The I AM COLLEGE BOUND College Prep Planner was written by Margo Thomas, in an effort to help high school students and their parents prepare for the journey to college. This college-prep planner will allow the student to track his/her progress toward college-readiness milestones from one grade level to the next. In the I AM COLLEGE BOUND College Prep Planner, you will find checklists, highlighting the various milestones students need to achieve from their freshman to their senior year of high school. Students can track the credits required and earned for each course. Other worksheets found in this planner include Financial Aid and Scholarship Trackers, College and Career Research forms, and College application trackers. For those parents who have not initiated the conversation about proper money management, basic financial concepts are also discussed.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3Eln1qk

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