Book Showcase – All The Preacher’s Wives Anthology

All The Preacher’s Wives is an anthology featuring the real-life stories of 20 amazing women of God and their lives as the wives of preachers. The book illustrates image of how lonely and exciting life can be as a pastor’s wife. The challenge is many can only see these women as beautifully styled, often soft-spoken, and respectful first ladies. But All The Preacher’s Wives demonstrates how these women of God face the same issues that all marriages face.
The book is also a personal guide and ministry for women (and men) who consider joining this very unique sisterhood. There has not been a book or major movement like this since Lois Evans (the wife of Tony Evans). But All The Preacher’s Wives provides a glimpse into how things are within the marriage, the congregation, family life, and money. Get ready for Tonisha Fanchon’s presentation of “All The Preacher’s Wives.”

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